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I feel so funny. I think I'm going crazy.
J.D. Salinger

May 31st     11:11 pm

can’t wait for high school to be over so i can stop keeping in touch with some shitty people that i don’t have the balls to cut out of my life right now because it would be too weird seeing them everyday and stuff

May 24th     7:04 pm

Plot twist: A black teacher goes to a white school to save them from their pretentious ways

May 9th     10:06 pm


LarryVik Black Sand Beach at Dusk, 2014

May 9th     9:59 pm

May 9th     9:57 pm



Five seasons and no movie: Community just got canceled.

hahahahahaa i’m dead inside

May 4th     8:35 pm


Léa Seydoux in Petit tailleur by Louis Garrel

May 4th     8:34 pm

white northern lights, finland

May 4th     8:33 pm


Beard and Flowers
As requested by…well, pretty much everyone

May 4th     8:32 pm

April 23rd     7:39 pm

April 23rd     7:37 pm


the diversity of colours is amazing oh my

April 23rd     1:51 pm

April 23rd     1:50 pm


Jemimah by CharleySDG for C-Heads

April 23rd     1:43 pm

April 23rd     1:43 pm