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I feel so funny. I think I'm going crazy.
J.D. Salinger

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the diversity of colours is amazing oh my

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Jemimah by CharleySDG for C-Heads

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April 23rd     1:41 pm

There are no Jack Kerouacs or Holden Caulfields for girls. Literary girls don’t take road-trips to find themselves; they take trips to find men.

"Great" books, as defined by the Western canon, didn’t contain female protagonists I could admire. In fact, they barely contained female protagonists at all.

It’s Frustratingly Rare to Find a Novel About Women That’s Not About Love - Kelsey McKinney - The Atlantic (via davidlynchshair)

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"When I write lyrics, and also when I’m performing onstage, I drink a lot of wine. I’ll use it as a crutch. It helps loosen my grip on the insecurities of just being a human being in the world. It allows me a little courage in a weird way to do it, and to write about unflattering, weird, little corners of my brain."

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winter view

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"i dont need feminism because—" great. wonderful. amazing. i literally do not care

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